Sunday, October 14, 2012

Screen Time for children

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I am trying to really cut down my other screen time to set a better example for my kids. We don't have Wii or DSs and I don't have any real kid friendly apps on my phone or iPad. And yes, that's all on purpose. I'm a firm believer in the habits you gain as a kid (good or bad) stay with you forever. Or at least are very hard to break later.

I hardly ever watch TV during thr day. My iPod is always playing though as I do need some background noise. I let my kids watch one show a day (after homework is done and piano practiced). With after school activities 2 afternoons a week, it's not often that they actually get to watch a show.

Sometimes if my husband gets home early he'll turn the TV on and they may watch with him for a few minutes before dinner is ready. So what do my kids do when they have down time - they play, they read, they color. All thr things kids are supposed to be doing. Are there days I wish I had more time to focus on the things I need to do, of course but I would never give a 3 years old her own TV.
If so that's a little different. I mean don't you have different rules for an 11 year old than a 3 year old. You probably let your 11 year old walk home from school without an adult, would you let your 3 year old. Don't think anyone would say yes to that.

A while back a Facebook friend of mine posted that she was looking for a small TV and was hoping somebody had one they were willing to give away or sell cheap. Even though I dodn't have anything to offer up, I checked the comment section as I was curious why she wanted the TV. As I suspected it was to put in her daughter's room. Her daughter is 3 years old. WTF does she need a TV in her room for? Sure kids are more tech savvy these days. I'm sure she can figure out how to turn it on/off, change channels etc. But why? Yes, this particular kid does have a much older brother (I think he's 11), so maybe he has a TV in his room, and therefore she wants her own too?   You know what my response would be, too bad he's older, maybe when you're his age you can have your own.  Well actually, my 11 year old wouldn't have a TV in his room either.

A different friend recently posted asking for app recommendations for her 4 year old to use whole they were at activities for her 6 year old. Really? You know what I do with my younger ones (6 and 3)? If the weather is good, we go outside, if not I bring books, coloring stuff, paper to play games (dot game, hangman), if all else fails, we play ispy. I mean really most of these classes are 45-60 minutes. Are you telling me you can't interact with/entertain your kid for that amount of time?  Ridiculous.


  1. The screen times chart is eye opening. I am a firm believer in setting a good example and good habits for my son. TV times is one of the things we need to work more on.

    Although the one place TV will never invade in my house is the bedroom. There is not even one in my bedroom. Your bed is a place to relax and reconnect. I'd rather not have the back ground noise there.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post today!

  2. Totally agree with you on no TV in the bedroom. My husband complained a little when we first moved in together that I insisted on no TV in the bedroom, now he will readily admit I was right. Another way to set a good example for the kids. Why should they have one in their rooms, when their parents don't?

    The screen time stats for kids are really disturbing aren't they? In some cases kids are watching more TV than they are spending time in school. Scary.


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