Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekends Are Family Time

I don't often find time to blog on the weekends as I prefer to spend the time doing fun things with my family. Today was no different.

We never made it to an apple orchard this year, but today went and got our pumpkins for Halloween. I'm planning a post about our excursion for Chicagoland Moms Blog this week so stay tuned for the link. We stayed fairly close to home as Little Reader had a birthday to go to midafternoon.

While she was at the party I helped Little Hugger work on her pumpkin project for school and helped Little Man make a mummy pumpkin.

Tonight's plan - leftovers or sandwiches for dinner as we had a late lunch followed by pie (pumpkin bought at the pumpkin farm or apple made with apples bought at the farm) Time to get baking and fill my home with smells of fall.

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  1. We had leftovers and sandwiches for dinner today too. I never remember to pull anything out of the fridge Saturday mornings!



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